Reel Monster Trucks

Reel Monster Trucks
At Reel Monster Trucks (RMT), we are focused on providing safe, stunning and capable Monster Trucks for the worldwide film industry. With more than 40 years of experience in monster truck entertainment and more than 35 years of film production experience, Reel Monster Trucks is the platinum standard in ‘Delivering Results, Not Excuses’ for production companies around the world.

With RMT being the picture car division of Freedom Racing Monster Trucks (FRMT), our fleet of monster trucks are maintained in states of ‘active readiness’ in that any of our vehicles can produce dazzling results for projects of any size and scope, with even the most constrained timeframes. From Monster Trucks that can jump over thirty (30) feet in the air, to Monster Trucks that can give rides up to ten (10) people at a time; when it comes to Monster Trucks, we can deliver anything you can dream up!

Our commitment to ‘Delivering Results’ for producers is found in every facet of our operation, from being able to change the vehicle body types, endless paint finish options, graphic wraps and even the tires themselves, when it comes to hitting expectations; Reel Monster Trucks is your ‘no-excuse’ resource.

Beyond the monster trucks themselves, RMT has a ready stock of Buck Trucks, Stage Trucks and Monster Truck parts and components, to ensure that any production we are a part of, never has to slow due to a vehicle being down. Your production is our priority and we always hit our marks; without exception.

Our company is well versed in being able to work domestically or internationally, with both Union and Non-Union crew members and our professional Monster Truck drivers have decades of stunt experience in being able to get the monster trucks machines to produce ‘the shot’ time and time again, as needed.

All Reel Monster Trucks productions are based upon a three (3) stunt standard per truck, where a monster truck performs a prescribed stunt at a standard rate. As an operational standard and due to the specialized nature of how monster trucks perform for each production, payment for services is received before production begins and before any specialized changes are applied to the monster trucks, at the request of the production company. Reel Monster Trucks aims to ‘Deliver Results, Not Excuses’ in providing dynamic, engaging and thrilling monster truck impressions for film and television.

Take the next step and contact Reel Monster Trucks CEO, Terry Woodcock at: (213) 800-6766, or send us a request to meet by email at:

We look forward to working with you and delivering a truly memorable experience!

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