Touring Video, Inc.

Touring Video is a multi-camera remote video production company located in Burbank, California. We have specialized in remote video production shoots since 1989. With our inventory of remote video trucks and airpack systems, each with video projection capability, we cover a wide range of production services including:

* Concerts
* Infomercials
* Sitcoms & Reality Programs
* Award Shows
* Webcasts
* Live Satelite Uplinks

We also carry full single camera ENG packages for those situations where multi-camera isn't feasible.

Since we understand that equipment is only half the equation, Touring Video can supply seasoned personnel as well. Our staff has seen it all and has the experience to provide the technical support a show needs. Click on the links to the left to find out what we can provide for your next event, then give us a call.
827 Hollywood Way
Ste. 424
Burbank, California 91505
Phone Numbers
(818) 504-3500 main
(818) 504-3507 fax

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