Tree Falls Post

Tree Falls Post
Tree Falls is a Post Production service business serving numerous Post Production functions. Post Production, as the process is collectively known, are all the final steps when making television shows, films and commercials. Post Production or “post” as it is often referred to, is a wide range of tasks that sometimes happen simultaneously in several disciplines, or one after another, depending. The most common of these tasks are: dailies, picture editing, conforms, compositing, titles, color grading/color correction, sound recording (voice over, A.D.R., foley, looping), sound editing, sound design and sound effects, music editing, music scoring, sound mixing, mastering, closed captioning, deliverables and quality control, among others. Tree Falls offers many of these services.

Post Production is a diverse process, with many tasks and many different ways to get to an end result. Tree Falls Post is here to help on many of these tasks.

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3131 Cahuenga Blvd. West
Los Angeles, California 90068
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(323) 851-0299 main
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