Vendetta Entertainment, LLC

Vendetta Entertainment, LLC
Founded in 2010 by Nelly Castillo and Joan Pla, VENDETTA ENTERTAINMENT is a full-service creative production company based in Los Angeles California with global reach. We are part of Free The Bid, NALIP, Film Independent and Women In Film. We are also certified by the Small Business
Administration as a Woman-Owned Small Business.

MISSION STATEMENT - To create and produce exceptional content that is inclusive by bringing diverse talent in front and behind the camera and that positively inspires and connects with people globally.
VISION - To be a media company that strongly challenges the entertainment industry standards by being a platform for and giving voice to under-represented creatives.
ETHOS - We strongly believe in equality and support diversity. Color, origin, gender or age shouldn’t define anyone’s career. Talent, creativity, professionalism and work ethics must.
COMPANY CULTURE – People matter to us. Creating, cultivating and growing relationships in our industry is very important to our success. However, we have a zero-tolerance policy towards any negative conduct whether from clients, employees or associates. If we encounter such conduct, we will promptly assess the situation and take the necessary measures.
COMMUNICATION – Professionalism, kindness and business etiquette are the foundation of our communication style while preserving people’s unique voice and background. In our experience, we’ve found one-on-one meetings and phone calls work well when building business relationships. Following up with emails to recap on a conversation and other business deals is encouraged.

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Los Angeles, California
Phone Numbers
323-479-4469 main 310-651-1645 alt
(800) 913-8910 fax

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