Wolfe Air Aviation, Ltd.

Wolfe Air has been in business for over 30 years and has enjoyed working on hundreds of projects including Feature Films, Commercials and Documentaries and for Research & Development.

We believe that air-to-air imagery is both captivating and invaluable. We are particularly proud of the fact that our aircraft and systems are meticulously maintained and regularly improved to meet the demanding and ever changing needs of our industries and are known throughout the industry as the Gold Standard for aerial cinematography and we have delivered hundreds of successful air-to-air projects since 1988.

Our aircraft and systems have worked around the globe, from Churchill Canada to Buenos Aires Argentina, and from Daugu South Korea to Istanbul Turkey. We can delivery a package of standard shots or work with your creative team to develop specific shots to fit your needs.

Every major motion picture studio and commercial production company turns to Wolfe Air for help with their aerial production challenges and Wolfe Air consistently delivers outstanding results at competitive rates.

All of our crewmembers are highly qualified and extremely experienced. They each regularly work throughout the film and aviation industries, honing their skills to share their artistry through Wolfe Air.

All of our team members, from flight crew to camera department, are highly qualified and extremely experienced in their specific role on our team and are recommended and/or selected depending on a given project's parameters. All are familiar with, and meet the requisites for, any security clearances necessary.

Only pre-approved or authorized Operators, Photographers and Technicians may operate, adjust or modify the systems. Only qualified pilots, approved by Wolfe Air’s insurance company, may sit in either pilot’s seat during flight.

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39 E. Walnut St.
Pasadena, California 91103
Phone Numbers
(866) 487-4643 main
(626) 584-4099 fax

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