Zorthian Ranch

The Zorthian Ranch consists of 43 acres in  Altadena, CA.  It is important to note that while it is indeed a ranch it goes far beyond what might be expected of  a property categorized as such.

Starting in 1947 when he acquired the first part of the property, artist Jirayr Zorthian spent 57 years constructing structures out of discarded and recycled materials. The property consists of a combination of many things.   Natural California Chaparral, Oak Forests, paved and dirt roads,  5 houses , from a Spanish style house to a mid century modern constructed over the  last 80 years, unique structures constructed of broken concrete, assemblage walls, open spaces, western style horse facilities.   We also have animals such as goats, llamas, horses, chickens etc. on the property.

The eclectic variety of hand-built structures and assembly spaces which have been built using a wide variety of recycled building materials such as river rock, broken concrete, tile and  telephone poles.  The aforementioned  mid cent ury modern house was designed in 1942 by well known architects Gable and Wyant and has a  panoramic view of downtown Los Angeles and the valleys of Pasadena and San Gabriel.  Another house, was designed in 1933 by architect Barton Myers.    Both of these houses have been restored  to their original condition.

The ranch has multiple outdoor spaces and possibilities available.    A few examples include the open brick outdoor amphitheater which is surrounded by wild grass, trees and flowers. Other structures include a pool, rustic barns and shacks, vintage vehicles,  cellars, patios, staircases and work studios. In short, there are a wide variety of paradigms to choose from and a lot can be accomplished in a short time with a minimum of set up.

The ranch can accommodate  parking for up to 150 vehicles and can accommodate large trucks necessary for production.  We also have many props available.

Please call (626) 797-3359 or (626) 344-7472 to schedule a scout.

Check out our website for more information, zorthianranch.com.

You can also visit us at: filmatzorthianranch.com


3990 N. Fair Oaks Ave.
Altadena, California 91001
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