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AAA Performing Animal Troupe

Palmdale, CA

We have supplied trained animal actors and experienced trainers, handlers and wranglers for movies, TV, commercials, photography, videos & live shows for over 30 years.

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Animal Actors of Hollywood, Inc.

Thousand Oaks, CA

Animal Actors of Hollywood, Inc. is here to meet your needs for Animals & Trainers. You can find us in Thousand Oaks, CA. Just give us a call — we’re happy to talk to you! We can't wait to hear from…

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Animals for Hollywood, LLC

Acton, CA

Animals for Hollywood, LLC for consistently trained, high quality Animals available for Film, TV, Commercials and Print. Top Animal Co-ordinators and Trainers. Animals for Hollywood, LLC is an…

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Birds & Animals Unlimited

Acton, CA

Providing top Animal Trainers & Quality Animal Talent to the Motion Picture, Entertainment, & Advertising Industries for over 50 Years. Birds & Animals Unlimited is proud to have been involved in…

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AAA Benay’s Bird & Animal Source, Inc.

Woodland Hills, CA

Check out our amazing trained animals-from dogs/cats to raccoons, groundhogs, skunks, prairie dogs, birds...too many others to list. Domestic and exotic animals, farm animals, wildlife and hoof stock…

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Paws For Effect

Lake Hughes, CA

There are a lot of names in Animals & Trainers, but the only one you should start with is Paws For Effect. We have offices around the country so we bring the best of Hollywood to you everytime! Give…

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#1 Acting Dogs by Steven Ritt


One of the most accomplished dog trainers in the film, television and commercial industry, Steven built his reputation from 30 years of professional experience. His K-9s have featured in hit TV…

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