CBTV LLC - Production Satellite and LTE Internet

CBTV LLC - Production Satellite and LTE Internet
QTAKE over satellite
ZOOM over Satellite
Production INTERNET over satellite and custom specialized LTE solutions--
Streaming, phones and large file uploads.

Broadband Internet connectivity with dedicated leased satellite capacity - from 12 X 12 Mb/s to 400 X 400 Mb/s -- From simple reliable zoom sessions to massive base camp support - and everything in between. Specializing in remote production locations worldwide.

Producer, Production Manager, DIT and VTR friendly!

We provide a complete service, or can integrate with any existing satellite uplink.
We offer reliability, security (encryption), efficiency, and scalable satellite bandwidth using broadcast and military grade gear. Streamlined solutions for your unique production challenge.

CBTV owns and operates compact and versatile, 4 wheel drive, dual path satellite trucks based on both coasts as well as 1.2 meter Ku Flyaway terminals based in California. Individually licensed for custom leased services - IP and video. Quick deployment, small footprint, 3 to 7 cases travel as airline baggage.

Operations and affiliates worldwide.

Let us help solve your remote client communications and Q-take needs when you're off the grid.

We have been in the industry since 1991. Happy to discuss your project.


PO Box 5478
Montecito, California 93150
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